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No deserving student shall be deprived of education due to economic condition: This MOTTO is the driving force behind PRERANA

निर्बलानां बलं विद्या |

Nirbālanām Balam Vidyā (Knowledge is Power to the Powerless.)

PRERANA is an NGO in Bangalore, India, that has worked towards benefitting over 2000 meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds. Our students are from Bangalore and its surrounding towns and villages (Ramnagara, Channapatna, Kanakapura, Magadi etc.) and also Chikmagalur.

We provide financial-aid to bright, but underprivileged students, who have completed their SSLC (10th grade). Prerana supports them from their 1st year PUC (11th grade) all the way to graduate or professional degrees.

We want these students to focus on their education and skill development, break the barriers of poverty and make a better life for themselves. We take student-engagement very seriously. We stay connected with our students and their families to ensure there are no drop-outs.

PRERANA was started in 1990 by Mr. Pramod Kulkarni (an IIM-Ahmedabad Alumnus), with a dream of making a difference to society. Prerana’s beneficiaries, at the time, were farmers in Raichur who needed aid for their Farming/Irrigation projects.

Prerana moved to Bangalore in 2004, with its focus turned to education of meritorious, but underprivileged students. Prerana’s initial focus was the urban underprivileged. They were provided financial-aid, supplementary coaching classes, counseling and mentoring through their years with Prerana. So far, over 2000 such students have benefited from Prerana, through the generosity of the Infosys Foundation, iGate (now Capgemini), Capital Group, LBW Trust and other corporate CSR groups.

Prerana’s outreach extended to rural towns and villages surrounding Bangalore and Chikmagalur, from the latter half of 2015. Another 500+ students from these areas have benefitted from Prerana’s programs. A pleasing observation is that a big number of Prerana’s rural students are girls. We see that rural parents are more than happy to educate their girls when aid is available.

Over the years PRERANA has touched the lives of many students and their families. But, the road is long and there is a lot more to be achieved. Currently, we aid around 900 students every year. By 2020, we wish to be able to extend support to 2000 students per year and extend our footprint to atleast 5 more rural towns/villages of Karnataka.

Also, the need of the hour is not just financial-aid, but also all-round development of the individual. The modern fast-paced digital world can only be negotiated by the use of technology. Today it is not just about being bright at academics. A great career demands exceptional mastery over soft skills as well.

This is why we have launched iLEAP, PReP and e2e programs, for Prerana’s students. These programs are meant to augment college education by making these students career-ready and enable them to be gainfully employed as soon as possible, post academics. The programs focus on communication skills, technology adoption, creative thinking, problem solving, planning, interpersonal skills, cross-cultural awareness, work-ethics, self-esteem, empathy, personal grooming to name a few; along with some IT-sector and Finance-Sector specific hot-skills.


Prerana does NOT select students based on gender, caste, race, color, religion, state, language, disability or way of life. Students are selected purely on merit. Similarly employees, volunteers and interns are not selected based any such discrimination.


Neither students seeking aid, nor employees or volunteers or donors have to face any bureaucracy. Prerana’s team is socially conscious and we practice collective ownership. We believe in leadership, we have leadership levels within the organization purely to faciltate and not to put up roadblocks.


We deeply value public trust and the trust of our donors. We do not take it for granted and are committed to sustaining it; and deepen it through our transparency. We submit our complete financials every year and our annual reports are available on our website. We put up detailed reports on all our programs.

Prerana staff, volunteers, associates sign & adhere to Child Protection Policy. This policy conforms to National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

विश्वजीवनामृतम् ज्ञानम् |

viśvajīvanāmṛtam jñānam | Knowledge is the nectar of life

Our Programs

Nurture Merit is Prerana’s program to provide financial-aid to meritorious students who are less privileged. Their economic conditions are ascertained by visiting their residence and reviewing their household income sources; parents are interviewed to see their earnest interest in Education.

Financial-aid for college fees are handed over to the students by way of cheque to avoid any misuse. Students are expected to provide Prerana with a copy of the college-fee receipt.

A student selected under Nurture Merit remains with Prerana until completion of his/her academics. With the culture of “paying it forward”, we encourage Prerana Alumni to remain associated with the organization and help someone else in the same way that they received help – “Each One – Educate One.”

The Nurture Merit program has benefitted over 2000 students so far. Today Prerana supports over 900 students a year. Our vision is to be able to support 2000 students by 2020.

Nuture Career is Prerana’s Learning & Development program aimed at all round development of the students who enter Prerana via the Nurture Merit program. This program aims at increasing the career-readiness quotient of these students, keeping in mind the demands of today’s industry and corporates.

Nurture Career is made up of 3 sub-programs:

--> iLEAP
--> PReP
--> e2e

iLEAP is targeted towards urban underprivileged students. Many of these students are self-driven towards the goal of “a good eduction and a better career”. At Prerana, we believe that they deserve the opportunity to gain exposure to in-demand skills that can enable them to gain advantage over others in the job-market.

Prerana picks those students who show exceptional aptitude and interest for iLEAP. iLEAP provides them training on some hot-skills of the Technology and Finance sectors.

iLEAP curriculum covers key topics in the following areas:
• Big Data and Analytics including Python
• Front-end development including HTML5/PHP
• Retail-Banking Domain
• Investment-Banking Domain

This program starts alongside their college degree and runs in parallel with their 3 (or 4) years of college education.

PReP is also targeted at the urban underprivileged students. PReP is a workshop that focuses exclusively on interview-readiness. It covers the following:

• Effective Resume writing
• Effective Communication
• Grooming for an interview
• Making a good impression
• Most important interview questions
• How to gracefully/convincingly answer “I don’t know”
• What to do before an interview
• How to follow-up after an interview

For PReP, all urban students of Prerana are eligible, and we take them through an intensive 4-day work-shop towards the end of their college education.

India’s private-schooled, English-speaking, urban students may impress globally, but Government-School educated students from rural India cannot speak even basic sentences in English. They find transitioning to the job-market very difficult and are at a disadvantage when facing job interviews. Without English comprehension, basic computing skills etc., they lose out on opportunities, despite being bright.

e2e is a work-readiness program, tailored for such students. It’s a wholesome development plan aimed at making these students job-ready. The program covers:
• Personal Traits (First Impressions, Personal Grooming, interpersonal skills)
• Personal Management (Planning, Time Management, Problem Solving)
• Teamwork (Leadership, effective team-work, conflict resolution)
• Professionalism (Resumes, Interviewing, Social Media, Verbal/Written Communication, Work Ethics, Cross-cultural awareness)

e2e helps increase their chances of getting hired. This program starts alongside their college degree and runs in parallel with their 3 (or 4) years of college education.

Chairperson's Message

Chitra Talwar

Chairperson, Prerana

Dear Students, Supporters and Well Wishers,

At the outset let me wish you all A Very Happy 2018!!!
It is said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” and that’s been the spirit of the Prerana family, who have all given their contribution, be it in terms of time, talent or treasure. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the Donors who helped Prerana keep up its momentum.

In the current financial year, a total of 850 students have received financial-aid, of whom 450 are from rural Bengaluru. Our outreach program in the areas of Ramnagara, Channapatna, Magadi, Kanakapura, Chikmagalur and Kalasapura have been very encouraging and productive. This has been made possible by our Donors.

Our credo of Education to Employment (e2e) keeps us focused on the newer skill sets required to enable our scholars be employment ready and provide impetus to reach their full potential. Prerana has added several programs and these range from the simple and fun OBL (Out Bound Learning) – an outdoor program revolving around activities to learn communication, planning etc., to PReP (Prerana Readiness for Employment Program) – a soft-skills and career-readiness program and iLeap - a program that covers hot-skills like Artificial Intelligence, Banking domain interactions and internships with corporates, start-ups and volunteers. Our commitment to individual student skill requirement has been equally effective.

We urge our scholars to be eternal learners and our Alumni to add value to Prerana though their learnings and experience.

2017 has been a very fulfilling year for the Prerana team. 2018 is off to a good start and I am happy to share some of our activities and stories and I am sure all our students will see success in job placements.

On behalf of Prerana, I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude to the Donors and Volunteers for our steady growth and we look forward to your continued support.

Secretary's Message

Ram Sastry

Secretary, Prerana

न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं |(na hi gnanena sadrusham) - there is nothing as pure as knowledge.
A most widely quoted text from the Bhagavad Gita (4:38), puts knowledge at the pinnacle of all virtues one can achieve. While it’s commonly known that education helps in acquiring knowledge, it’s very difficult to acknowledge the presence of it. Ironically it is possible to feel the absence of it, more than its presence!

Working with a few rural colleges, not too far from Bangalore - considered to be silicon valley of India, one can distinctly see that the rural students are completely unaware of the opportunities that exist in the world out there. Borrowing from Prof. Anirudh Krishna’s recent book - The Broken Ladder, it’s indeed a broken ladder for majority of the students in rural areas. What is worse than not realising one’s dream, is not knowing what to dream. These words may sound too pessimistic, but unfortunately, the reality is. A look at the state-wise skill gap study by NSDC published on their website speaks volumes with facts & figures.

The task of bridging this gap even by a nanometre is not an easy one. While economic condition is one of the main reasons, it is not the only reason. Awareness, motivation, opportunity, mentoring, focus, reduction of distractions … many things needs to be done, all at the same time! The cynicism and the negative spiralling of hope need to be arrested at once, with constant prodding of students towards a goal. A few success stories will surely galvanise the rest of the crowd and will enhance their hope for a better future.

Prerana is happy to have engaged with a few such rural colleges, thanks to large hearted donors such as Infosys Foundation, Capital Group, LBW Trust, MediaTek, LinkInTime and many individuals including Prerana Alumni themselves! A concerted effort is being put into transforming the lives of these rural kids with a theme – Education to Employment (E2E). It’s not just scholarship but also overall individual development; it’s not just giving books but also personal growth; definitely not just the grades on the marks card, but also the ability to gain meaningful employment. We have chalked out a five-year plan for handholding these deserving students and engaging with them, in a meaningful way, to achieve this objective.

There is an important ingredient in this entire process – the student! An ingrained urge to achieve something in life, is a must have, for such students. Fortunately, we see this in most of the students we work with. For, श्रद्धावान् लभते ज्ञानं (shraddāvān labhate gnānam), he who is committed, will attain knowledge.

Our Esteemed Donors

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