Dr. Keshava Memorial Merit Scholarship

Education should be attainable to all students willing to work for it !

Why is this Scholarship Special?

Established in Dec 2017, this scholarship honors the life of Dr. Keshava and strives to continue his legacy of excellence and generosity.

Through sheer hard-work and perseverance, he overcame his impoverished background and made a successful life for himself and his family.

This scholarship is part of a specially setup memorial fund, by the family of Late Dr. Keshava. With this scholarship, the family aims to lend a helping hand to less privileged students, in achieving their academic dreams.

Info for Students

Who is this scholarship for?

This scholarship is awarded to under-privileged rural-students in the district of Chikmagalur (Karnataka State, India), who display academic merit, and a drive to excel. Students entering PUC 1st year (11th grade) are eligible for this scholarship.

The same selection process used for Prerana’s NURTURE MERIT program will be used to select students for the DKMM Scholarship. This scholarship will support the selected students from PUC 1st year through to the completion of their graduate or professional degree.

How will the scholarship be awarded?

How can one apply for this scholarship?

Students can email us at DKMM@prerana.ngo, or visit the Prerana office to meet with our staff.

Yes, at this point in time this scholarship is only for students in Chikmagalur.

Is this scholarship only for students in Chikmagalur district?

Visit the Dr. Keshava Memorial Website !

Learn more about the Scholarship program, view photos of various events and activities, hear from the students etc.

About Dr. Keshava

Born in Chikmagalur

in 1941, Dr. Keshava was the 4th of 5 brothers. His early years were fraught with many difficulties. Grit, determination and hard-work got him through high-school and PUC. He gained admission to Ayurvedic college in Shimoga, and later transferred to Medical College in Bangalore.

The first in his family

to attend and complete University education, Dr. Keshava migrated to Australia in the early 70’s, where he lived for the rest of his life. He trained in the field of psychiatry between 1974-80 and had numerous professional achievements over the years.

Fondly remembered

for not just his medical achievements but also for the many contributions to his family, faith and community, he played a significant role in the establishment of many Indian cultural societies in Sydney. He also hosted many members of the Karnataka cricket team in their formative years.

An inspiration

to his family and to all who knew him, he has set an example for all to follow. He has shown that small beginnings don’t necessarily stop an achiever from reaching for the stars. This scholarship is a memorial in his name, setup by his family, to aid bright students from a less privileged background.

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