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विद्या-दानम् महा-दानम्

vidya-dānam mahaa-dānam
PRERANA is centered around the saying that “the giving of knowledge is the noblest charity of all”


At PRERANA we believe that education is the most powerful means of fighting poverty. To this end, we provide Financial-Aid to meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds, from PUC 1st Year (11th grade) up to college or professional degree. Knowing that the lives of students from underprivileged backgrounds are beset with pressures, we stay engaged with them, provide counseling to boost their morale and self-esteem and ensure they don't drop out.

2500 Students Benefited
850 Currently in the system
450 Rural Students
400 Urban Students

Not just college-fees, our focus is all-round development

Every Prerana supported student gets an opportunity to undergo soft-skills training to increase their employability. Students supported by Prerana, who show interest and aptitude, have the opportunity to be trained in critical skills needed for the IT and Finance Sectors. They will be trained by professional trainers through interactive sessions.

Prerana All-Round Development

Our Programs

Nurture Merit

For a deserving student, economic difficulty should not be a reason to be deprived of an education. Prerana is centered around this very belief. Through our NURTURE MERIT program we provide financial-aid to bright students from underprivileged backgrounds, from PUC 1st year up-to college/professional degree.

Nurture Career

Today, India faces a crisis in the area of “work-readiness” among graduates. Less than 30% of Indian graduates are deemed work-ready. More so, in the case of students from underprivileged backgrounds, for whom even a working knowledge of English is a challenge. So also, critical thinking, social media and cognitive skills.

Nurture Career

The Nurture Career program comprises of 3 sub-programs:
* PReP
* e2e

each addressing different aspects of work-readiness.


iLEAP is targeted towards the urban underprivileged students. It focuses on current hot skills required in the IT and Finance Sectors. For iLEAP, Prerana picks students with interest and aptitude, for training in Data Science/Big Data, Front-End Design, Financial Analysis, Spreadsheet skills and Banking Domain.


Prep is also for the urban students. We believe, these students too have the potential for rewarding careers in fast-growing sectors. For PReP, all urban students of Prerana are eligible. We conduct work-readiness workshops to help them increase their chances of getting hired.


e2e is tailored exclusively for students in rural areas, keeping in mind their lack of exposure. It’s a wholesome development plan, with the ultimate objective of getting these students career-ready. We take them through an intensive work-readiness program in parallel with their college work.

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Only your support can help thousands of children across Karnataka (India) educate themselves, realize their full potential and remove themselves and their families out of poverty. Please support our cause.

Some of our Students

A peek into the aims and aspirations of some of our students

Meet our Team

Our team is a group of dedicated people with diverse backgrounds, who are passionate about Prerana's cause.

Meet our Board

Our board plays a critical role in our development by providing oversight and counsel to Prerana.

How to Apply for Aid

Students can make an appointment to visit our office, using the phone number/email ID listed in the "Contact Us" section below. Please mention your name, phone number, course and college name; and bring your academic records when visiting our office.


Donate to our Cause !

Educate a Girl Child

₹1000 / Month
  • From 1 st PUC (11 th ) to Undergrad
  • You can choose to support for a month or for multiple months
  • For Academic Fees, Material and Training

Educate an undergrad

₹3000 / Month
  • 3 years of undergrad study
  • You can choose to support for a month or for multiple months
  • For Academic Fees, Material and Training

Educate an Engg/Med

₹5000 / Month
  • 4 – 5 years of professional study
  • You can choose to support for a month or for multiple months
  • For Academic Fees, Material and Training

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Bangalore - 560082


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